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a tree without roots is dead

When ppl ask “why is Real History SO IMPORTANT?” My response: Knowledge is Key Knowledge is Power Different input is different output Garbage in is garbage out One who controls your past controls your destiny Negative programming vs positive programming Negative programming makes you believe you are nothing and will never be someone Positive programming makes you believe you can do anything if you set your mind to it Choices based on lies vs choices based on truth Mind control vs Free thinking Free your mind Mental Slavery When you know better you will do better When you call people stupid since birth they will act stupid When you call people royal since birth they will act like royals Gods, Goddesses, Queen, Kings, Leaders, Inventors, Rulers, Doctors, Teachers, Originals, Builders of ALL Civilizations Worldwide, Progenitors, it’s Black History –-, it’s what Black people always have been until the white lies took over. When you don’t know this, most probably you will not behave like this. More so non-blacks are fed the same lies. And treat you like shit because of it. They teach everyone Blacks are shit, they have not done shit. They only have been slaves! If they teach you, you started out as slaves and there was nothing before that, most likely you will still be a slave rest of your live. You can’t be free not knowing truth and only know lies. All of these are ripples and they influence the outcome of what the world looks like. Now you know! –– Marcus Garvey “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” –– A tree without roots cannot grow!

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