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”A full English translation of Rambam's monumental Mishneh Torah. RAMBAM ON SEFARIA Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, known by the Hebrew acronym Rambam or as Maimonides, is regarded as one of the most important figures in Jewish thought. Born in medieval Spain, he eventually settled in Egypt, where he served as leader of the Jewish community. From philosophical treatises to Torah commentary to guides on health and wellness, Rambam's entire body of work was foundational. However, the Mishneh Torah is arguably his most extensive and influential text: a 14-volume legal code covering all aspects of Jewish law. By compiling and codifying rulings from classic rabbinic texts all in one place, Rambam helped to solidify the contents of the oral law — the vast rabbinic legal system that expands on the laws of the Torah. The name of the work, which translates to "repetition of the Torah" or "second to the Torah," reflects his intention to provide Jewish learners with an all-encompassing, go-to reference.

Almost a millennium later, the Mishneh Torah continues to anchor discussions about Judaism's approach to a wide variety of issues, and interlinks with numerous sources in our library — from Tanakh and Talmud to other halakhic texts and works by modern scholars. That's why we're so thrilled to finally offer a complete, highly readable English version on Sefaria, translated by Eliyahu Touger and dedicated in memory of Irving Montak, z''l. Published under a Creative Commons license, our Mishneh Torah translation is now available for all to study and share. We know this release will open up new learning possibilities for thousands of Sefaria users like you. Start Reading:

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