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Words of King Ramses II: “At dawn I marshaled the ranks for battle, I was ready to fight like an eager bull; I arose against them in the likeness of Montu, equipped with my weapons of victory. I charged their ranks fighting as a falcon pounces, the Uraeus on my brow felled my foes, cast Her fiery breath in my enemies’ faces, I was like Ra when He rises at dawn, my rays, they burned the rebels’ bodies, they called out to one another: ‘Beware, take care, don’t approach Him, Sekhmet the Great is She Who is with Him,

She’s with Him on His horses, Her hand is with Him; anyone who goes to approach Him, the Fire’s breath comes to burn his body!’ Thereupon they stood at a distance, touching the ground with their hands before me. My Majesty overpowered them, I slew them without sparing them, they sprawled before my horses, and lay slain in heaps in their blood. Then the vile Chief of Khatti wrote and worshiped my name like that of Ra, saying: ‘You are Seth, Baal in person; the dread of You is a Fire in the land of Khatti’. He sent his envoy with a letter in his hand addressed to the great name of my Majesty, greeting the Majesty of the Palace: ‘Ra-Horakhty, The Strong Bull Beloved of Maat, the Sovereign Who protects His army, Mighty on account of His strong arm, rampart of His soldiers on the day of battle, King of Upper and Lower Egypt UseMaatRa SetepenRa, the Son of Ra, the Lion Lord of Strength, Ramses Beloved of Amon, given life forever: Your servant speaks to let it be known that You are the Son of Ra Who came from His body. He has given You all the lands together. As for the land of Egypt and the land of Khatti, they are Your servants, under Your feet. Ra, Your august father, has given them to You. Do not overwhelm us, Your might is great, Your strength is heavy upon the land of Khatti: is it good that You slay Your servants, Your face savage toward them and without pity? Look, You spent yesterday killing a hundred thousand, and today You came back and left no heirs. Be not hard in Your dealings, Victorious King! Peace is better than fighting. Give us breath!’ Then my Majesty relented, in life and dominion, being like Montu at His moment when His attack is done. My Majesty ordered brought to me all the leaders of my infantry and my chariotry, all my officers assembled together, to let them hear the matter about which he had written. My Majesty let them hear these words which the vile Chief of Khatti had written to me. Then they said with one voice: ‘Very excellent is peace, O Sovereign our Lord! There is no blame in peace when You make it. Who could resist You on the day of Your wrath?’ My Majesty commanded to hearken to his words, and I moved in peace southward. My majesty returned in peace to Egypt with His infantry and His chariotry, all life, stability, and dominion being with Him, and the Gods and Goddesses protecting His body. He had crushed all lands through fear of Him; His Majesty’s strength had protected His army; all foreign lands gave praise to His beautiful and perfect face. Arrival in peace in Egypt, in Per-Ramses-MeryAmun-Great-of-Victories. Resting in His palace of life and dominion like Ra in His Horizon, the Gods of Egypt hailing Him and saying: ‘Welcome, our beloved son, King UserMaatRa SetepenRa, the Son of Ra, Ramses Beloved of Amun, given life!’ They granted Him millions of jubilees forever on the Throne of Ra, all lowlands and all highlands lying prostrate under His feet for ever and all time.””I have erected as a monument to my beloved wife Nefertari MriT Amun so her name may live forever and eternity” Rameses 2 Raturn of the Gods: Rise of the ShemsuHor Coming Soon. Please click Like Us to follow the Rise and Updates on the Renaissance >>>

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