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Horace Butler I had already seen Davidson’s account of those 2,500 ships that had left Senegambia, in West Africa, in the 1300s, and those ships had never been heard from again. And here was Montezuma saying his father and grandfather had told him they had come in ships to the “east” shore of Mexico, after crossing the sea, coming from where Senegambia is!!! Then they had named their first colony after their homeland, Mali, naming their African colony in Mexico, “Mali-nalco!”

By the time I saw the old illustrations showing the Aztec as Black Africans, I was already there. But they said that they didn’t build those huge pyramids that were near their cities. Those Black Aztec wrote that a much earlier people had built those, and no one could say who those builders had been. Early explorers of Mexico kept saying it looked like Ancient Egypt had been there. Then, the racists got going and silenced all that talk about Ancient Egypt. But it was too late. I was now looking into Ancient Egypt’s writings. AND THEN THE HISTORIES JUST BUST WIDE OPEN, WITH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WRITINGS TELLING EVERYTHING ABOUT THE AMERICAS, INCLUDING HOW THEY NAMED THIS LAND “TAMERI,” which Europe kept, but moved the term for land (ta) to the end of the name as “ca”…Ameri-ca. Years later, I had the entire history.

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