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There is a lot more to people than what we are “taught”. And that of course is not an accident. The issues plaguing us can really only be resolved by people deciding they will no longer be controlled by arbitrary “laws” and “rules”.

Once people’s minds are opened to the fact that just because some political body “passes a law”, doesn’t mean it is anything that is sacred or holy. It certainly doesn’t mean it is “valid”. That’s why those in power want this whole idea of “law and order” to be so popular. It is how they make sure the people turn on each other for committing “crimes” that have no victims at all.

Only the state itself is complaining. Utterly absurd. The key legal piece of that puzzle is edjumacating people about what it means to be truly a free citizen. That is what I try and play a small part in here.

If people would just wake up and realize they are in control if they choose to be, then poof it would change. Overnight. Just think of what people willingly accept as “normal”. Right now, the state, in effect, excludes from the jury, anyone who won’t agree in advance to convict the person because you must agree that you “will follow the law” as they GIVE it to you through their agent the judge.

Think how absurd that is. What about the idea that the law itself is not valid?! That is one of the key powers a jury is supposed to exercise. Yet,with that sleight of hand, the state has eliminated the true power and protection of the jury itself. There is a long way to go in the RE-edjumacation of the people.


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