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john obviously you are very ignorant of the role that black people have played thru out Europe and the Americas and the world like i said the level of ignorance that my forefathers and mothers found white people in was horrible state of debauchery ignorance and filth u all couldn’t read write invent discover anything.

It was the light of Africa that shined upon the face of u all that started the industrial revolution and allowed the high state of technological advancement to occur the white man thought the world was flat when we knew it was round and circumnavigated the globe now if u cant handle the truth then so be it stay ignorant to the truth because i know its hard to deal with being a savage descendant from the caves where we banished u people white people came from blk people period this is a fact john as if u dont know which i feel u probably do white people are part neanderthal not totally human just 75% homo sapien sapien real human type and mixed with neanderthal monkey gene of which a great deal of u all are born with tails as long as a dog hairy and the like. so like i said read YOUR TRUE history JOHN white cargo, they were white and they were slaves, Irish slaves, christian slaves Muslim masters, and others referenced with in those books.

JOHN white people are the most violent of all racial groups put together committing the majority of the rapes murders robberies and crimes in general but if u look at the news you’d swear white people are perfect and the minorities are the most violent which isn’t true white people have bought into this dream hooked line and sinker believing in the Andy Griffith father knows best and brady bunch type family and neighborhood but in reality u all are suffering mightily what a shame the hoax youve played on us in the media is eating away at your ignorance in your own neighborhood homes schools u name it theres a sickness amongst u savages that is called DELUSION OF GRANDEUR u all have stolen blk peoples history whether ur talking about Greek and rome or Africa directly or the Americas European or jewish history and have turned around to say to the people who have done it ur nothing and have contributed nothing to world history hmmmmmmmm how can a people like u all who just got here who are the last people to appear on the ladder of HUMANITY CLAIM anything of importance the truth is out there JOHN what im writing isnt newwwwwwwww maybe new to you maybe but im here to tell you the future of u people isnt and wont be good the world hasnt forgotten what your forefathers have dome and still continue to do your pride will be your down fall john white people are so prideful u cant even see your downfall coming but the ole saying is true u reap what u sow and pride come before the FALL so its u who needs to accept the truth of where white people come from and whats your real history is U HAVE NONE all all all of every second of world history is blk history…….take care john and go read

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