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FEAR what is it well its based on the level of doubt that you have and doubt is formed created by disbelief or not knowing or believing that you cant do something like the time that you were trying to learn how to ride a bike there was a lot of fear based on doubt but once the seed of faith backed by just BELIEVING was planted by who ever taught you how to ride a bike the level of fear subsided doubt vanquished and the level of confidence shot thru the roof because now you had the knowledge of doing it and once that was set in your mind all bets were off and you were pedaling away unworried bout falling but if you did the fact of the seed of faith that you CAN do it was already set in motion and therefore no one couldn't tell you that you couldn

t ride and you got back on WITH OUT fear.

So fear is nothing but doubt predicated on disbelief with the or in the absence of knowledge and knowing once you have that foundation theres nothing you cant dooooo so to get rid of fear find the knowledge of doing a thing believe you can do it and therefore doubt will disappear and fear will be no more

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