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Everyone says it, “zero fucks given.” How many of you actually know what living this lifestyle means? ZFG is beyond liberating in a way that cannot be expressed. ZFG elevates you on a level that countless want but only the fewest are fearless enough to get to. ZFG is ruthlessly giving people what they asked for from you; the brutal and unapologetic you. ZFG means saying exactly what you mean and feeling the exhilaration of saying it in a world that will crucify you for it. ZFG is not something you can do only once. Once you cross that bridge, the person and name you made for yourself is gone, the bridge is burned and the ashes fall at the slightest look back. ZFG is a place of power that is self created and the fuel that sustains it is at the cost of others. ZFG is the ultimate freedom. ZFG is also the ultimate price paid. For when you look back at the bridge you crossed and burned, you’ll see everyone else on the other side, turning their backs and walking away. They were quick to cheer you on to get there, but quicker to run from the you, you’ve now become. ZFG is cold. It’s desolate. It is an isolation chamber of mirrors that reflect the truth you must face at every angle, and the light never dims to hide what you don’t want to see. It is finally becoming the monster they tried to turn you into. ZFG is quiet, leaving you with only the thoughts of who you were and the reality of the future of who you’ll become. ZFG is living a life of “what if” all while standing still as the revolution of it all goes by without you. ZFG is a place, not a destination. And to get there, the fear of all consequences must be removed while the desire for every responsibility must be your first priority. Zero Fucks Given… say, exactly what you mean and mean exactly what you say. The moment you are truly unafraid to do so, without any fear of hurting others, your future or yourself, is the moment you are free. You must lose everything to gain it all. Enjoy the view and make your reservations a table for one.

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