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Why are married women cheating.???

A study conducted by The UK Adultery Survey showed that women who cheat have an average of 2.3 extramarital lovers to 1.8 of men who cheat. Apart from this, women start cheating earlier than men. The typical woman will cheat at the age of 37 years , while the average man will starts cheating when he turns 42 years. Whether it is a quest for emotional fulfillment or things have just gotten boring at home, married women that cheat are likely to have more secret lovers than men.

The most interesting part is that this study found that 40% of women and 30% of men would actually ask for a divorce if they ever discovered that their spouse was cheating. While most men cheat because of boredom in the marriage, sexual excitement and the need to boost their ego, most women cheat for emotional reasons. Once they have made the big decision to cheat, women have far more opportunity to actually find someone to cheat with. Just look at online dating sites, you will realize women are spoiled for choice of male suitors. Female cheaters are generally in control of deciding if and when to end the relationship once they start it. Female cheaters are more likely to fall in love with their lovers than male cheaters. 57% of female adulterers reported being in love with their extra-marital lovers while only 27% of men reported being in love with their lovers. According to this report, female cheaters are actually more likely to be still in love with their spouses. 76% percent of women cheaters reported that they still love their husbands compared to 67% of male cheaters. This finding definitely challenged the traditional view that men are more adulterous than women. This research clearly showed that married women have more extra-marital lovers compared to men. So why is the number of adulteress rising? Below are some of the main reasons why married women cheat. Why Married Women are Cheating More than Men 1.Women are financially independent Over the years women have been preaching about their independence long before Beyonce and her cronies decided to make an anthem about it. Today, women are rocking barely-there bikinis and explaining that their mums taught them better than being housewives. Currently, women are boldly independent as moguls and top entertainers. Women have proven that they have what it takes to stand strong alongside a man and now this power has been translated to the bedroom. Most married women that cheat feel completely entitled to the extra-marital relationships. They feel if their husbands can cheat then they can also cheat, after all, they make as much or more money than their spouses. 2. Social stigmas lifted Over the last 2 decades, there has been a more relaxed approach to sex in general. This can be attributed to the media, TV and some shows like ‘Single ladies’, ‘Sex in the city’ and many others. Such shows glamorize casual and predatory sex among women. The internet has also played a great factor since it’s now easy for people to ‘hook up’ online and subsequently in the bed room. 3. Low self- Esteem Women with low self-esteem, unsolved childhood trauma, depression and other similar issues may seek validation through romantic and sexual activity. If another man complements them, makes them feel desirable, wanted loveable or simply makes them feel good about themselves, they might have an affair. 4. Revenge Women are known to keep grudges for long. A woman, who feels betrayed by her partner, either sexually or financially, may use infidelity as a way to retaliate. 5. Loneliness and Neglect Sometimes women feel like a maid, nanny, mother or a financial provider than a wife or a lover. In such a case, a woman may use extra-marital sex as way to fill this emotional void. 6. Lack of sex and intimacy at home Women are sexual creatures; they enjoy the physical act of making love just like men do. Sometimes when the woman is much more sexual than her partner, this might cause problems. Instead of ending the marriage, she may seek a little sex outside the marriage as way to meet her physical needs. 7. Unrealistic expectations Some married women expect their husbands to meet their each and every desire. When their partner inevitably fails them, the women will sometimes turn to someone else.

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