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THIS IS WHAT KING TUT REALLY LOOKED LIKE Here we have the authentic face mask of King Tut found in his tomb… We also have a forensic mockup of King Tut created by a French artist named Élisabeth Daynès…

This mockup is displayed in National Geographic and many academic venues… Eurocentricks are so desperate to get their lies out, with at least some support, that they are now taking UNEDUCATED hacks and commissioning them to make forensic mockups of ancient so called Blacks…

Please note that the mummified face reveals that the young king had buck teeth and the 'overbite' which was characteristic of the Thurmosid royal line to which Tutankhamun belonged… Which is the REAL King Tut??? The obvious so called Black African of his Mummy head, and the golden funerary mask which covered his face when he was found… Or the one created by Eurocentricks???

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