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Did you know that blacks were kept in zoos like animals? It was actually common practice. This picture depicts a caged little black girl being fed in a petting zoo. This is the kind of treatment we endured. We were used in medicine and practiced on like frogs in science class. Black blood is the roots of “modern” medicine. Our babies were used as bait for alligator skin. Black women used to breed having children 9 months apart over and over because she was considered a breeding slave to birth more industry. (Children she would never know and who would not know her). Bred until she was no longer fit to breed then sold to the medical industry or whatever way to make one last dollar off her.

When was animal testing banned? When was a black man considered a man? Slavery was much more than dark field slaves picking cotton and mulatto house slaves pleasing their master’s personal needs. How much goes unspoken is a crime within itself. Outright lies. Slavery was not a plantation business, it was a global market as various businesses purchased humans for various purposes. There were the sex slave workers which is where the creoles comes from in the south. Betty Boop was originally supposed to be a mulatto hooker in the original cartoon that we so much love. If your reference to yourself begins in chains, you will seek to run from who you are. However, this is not your beginnings. Your resilience, creativity, universal connection is history and pre-history and the future. You have sailed great heights and journeyed lowest of lows because you are a complete being. Your history begins before slavery. We are original, the origin of all. You have genetic memory that transcends eras so make that genetic memory into conscious memory. History forgotten is history repeated. You have forgotten your greatness so you are about to be brought back there again. You are not hated for who you are, you are feared for what you will become. You are groomed from the full spectrum, complete beings of the lowest chakras to the highest. You have been everywhere, seen everything, been all things from animals to gods. You story is complete. All you have to do is bear witness to it as the eyes that have seen it all. The all seeing eye. We built the pyramids, we charted the stars, overcame bars. You have nothing to loose but your chains. You can’t take from the all because where would you put it? You see, a story is a story whether my-story or his-story. The pages are in your book. If your sun rises and sets where there is a greater light and lesser light, you are a very young being or a being cut off. The dishonest being is the real slave. Denial is the greatest crime as to ignore means to become ignorant. You can’t ignore history just because you don’t like it. That is the same as lying to yourself or staying in an abusive relationship. when you are aware, you are empowered because you are no longer a machine in someone else’s design. You and then and only then are you your own man.

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