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Please learn to overstand that Native Indians and American Indians are not the same. Native Indians migrated here and was hand picked by the Corporation of the United States and made out of the 5 civilized tribes out of Asian and Caucasian $5 indian identity. They reclassified the indigenous American darker skin Indians as negro, colored, black, Afro Americans, and now African Americans. Please do your own research and understand what paper genocide is and who were the men like Walter Plecker and what was their purpose. Stop getting it twisted with all due respect. Learn about the Dawes Rolls

The Dawes Roll (Final Rolls) is a list of those members of the Five Civilized Tribes who removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) during the 1800’s and were living there during the above dates. If your ancestor was not living in Indian Territory during 1898-1914 they will not be listed on the Dawes Roll

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