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1910 legal journal concerning the the “Dawes Roll” and “Freedmen”… The author admits that the majority of the “Indians” weren’t “full-blood” with some denoting this fact by marking A.W.(all white) within the census. It is mentioned that white people had to PAY in order to marry a Indian and if they PLEDGED AN OATH OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE UNITED STATES, their “Indian” claim was NULL AND VOID. It is also mentioned that it was NOT LAWFUL for an Indian to marry a “Freedman” or “Freedwoman”, but it is stated that “Indians” and “Negro slaves” were already married – which is a contradiction, which means that the US government was aware that there was a time antecedent to any “treaties”(many of which were fraudulent, to say the least) between “Indians” and “Europeans”, when “Moors” aka “Indians” were “freeborn”, only becoming “slaves” when the COLORABLE and MASK of “law” changed them from “Moors” aka “Indians” to “Negro” which denotes their AUTOTCHNOUS(i.e. MELANATED ABORIGINAL) status, a legacy of which, their ancestors had cemented for all eternity in STONE. The author states that while “white” people had to pay in order to become a member of the tribe, the “Negro” was AUTOMATICALLY an “Indian” due to their “African descent”…HELLO. The author, in the very beginning, states that the application of these “quantum blood” and “color” caste systems concerning the intentional suppression of the truth about “Freedmen” is POSITIVELY FRAUDULENT and that “others” claiming to be “Indians” are on the rolls IMPROPERLY.…

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