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Good luck young man #neversayDIE I wish all your dreams come true.

Alex Owens 25 de febrero a las 12:28 I want to introduce you to a great young man. Taquarius Wair, (TQ) high school football player, is in his senior year. Burned 55% of his body some places to the bone at age 4. His mother pulled him from the fire, but he ran back in trying to save his oldest sister. She didn’t survive, but his hero heart holds her with every stride. He almost didn’t play this year because he thought no disabled person will ever go pro. That was until the Seattle Seahawks drafted a one handed player, Shaquem Griffin, in the 5th round. Good thing he didn’t quit, because he now will play college football at Mesabi Range College. My point…. you have no idea who you can inspire by chasing your dreams. Get up and chase down your greatness!

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