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All Indigenous (so-called black) Americans we must reclaim, reassert and uphold our status on this land as first nation peoples and first nation society in Ancient and Modern America (now called the united States).

We must reaffirm our presence on this land as Pre-Columbus American people, Before, During and After The Transatlantic African (West African) Slave Trade and the Indigenous American Slave Trade that was hand-in-hand with the European/Caucasian American Slave Trade eras (1492-1860) The compelling issue here is that Indigenous (so-called black) Americans are the descendants of the Indigenous groups known as the 5 Civilized Tribes whose description is also a miscalculation being that we are from 30 related Tribal and Sub-Ethnic groups of peoples known throughout the pre-colonial South and Southeast as the ISTI-CHATA or peoples of the original Muscogee, Creek, and Choctaw Federation or Confederacy. As it is time to right the wrongs of our Chattel Animal Slavery, Jim Crow 1 Slavery, The present Jim Crow 2 Slavery and centuries of false racial and religious classifications, labels and misnomers. I petition you, the descendants of these original Indigenous peoples, to reassert our status on this land, address our claims with the State Systems here which are the CSA (Confederate States of America) and the USA (united States of America) and right all the wrongs that we have endured as the descendants of the Indigenous peoples who where already here.

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