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Thomas Howard: The birth certificate is nothing more than a warehouse receipt. Africa is the entire planet, not just the tunnel vision of what you have been told is the African continent; because, in fact America and Africa were connected at one time and certain alphabets were taken from Africa and Amexem to form the word America. The African continent we know today is catching a lot of karmic baggage because they started the slave trade. Most of us have not been studying American Law and Government like we all should have been doing and we would know a few things about the system the United States, the Vatican and the City of London have put in place unbeknownst to the people. A lot of us can’t decipher the Constitution for the united States of America 1787 which had been suspended and the United States Constitution replaced it unlawfully making everyone a slave, a US citizen and a subject under the Federal Reserve Banking system. It’s a bit much for people to innerstand that by signing up to vote and for the Military under the United States was a Treasonous act against America; because, the United States is a corporation and not a government. Africa was only named for one state on that Continent, and someone gave it that name. All of the continents are connected just not America and what is now known as Africa. The Moors were also involved in slavery, the Moor or melanated European was involved in slavery as well. When the melaninated Europeans invaded slavery was introduced into the Americas with slavs or white Europeans as well as Aboriginal melaninated Americans. I do agree with the enslavement of all via the Vatican through the birth certificate. However the Constitution is NOT for Aboriginals Americans. It was a contract between the European Moors and SOME Aboriginals. The majority of the Aboriginals DID NOT agree and consent to any contract nor do they have juridiction over us. 8

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