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3 White boys in Dietrich, Idaho visciously sodomized a disabled Black high kid. They did so much damage to his rectum that he had to heliported to two hospitals to put his rectum back together again.

These 3 White boys only got probation for the attack. Not to mention the fact that they were never charged with a hate crime. Brock Turner raped a unconscious Asian woman behind a garbage dumpster and has never served a day in prison for. Ethan Couch murdered 4 people with his truck after stealing alcohol from a Walmart…..he never served one day in prison for it.

I really could go on and on….but i think my point is made. Blacks have more to fear from Whites and the biased police than you have ever had to fear from Blacks. It seems that when Whites do crimes the criminal justice system has a hard time giving whites punishment to suit the crimes, but when it is a Black committing similar crimes it’s a no brainer. Eventually it will turn on Whites

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