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70% plus of terrorrist attacks in America are done by white males. It was white males who invaded, raped committed mass genocide against Americas people. It was white males who orchestrated hundreds of years of slavery.

It was white males who denied us the right to vote until 1964 and even denied white women that right until early 1900s. It was white men who raped all races of American women with impunity.

Then they even crown a white man woman of the year a few years ago. It was white presidents who resided over Slavery, Black codss and Jim Crow. It was the white males who resided over all the wars and invasions via American terrorizing the world. Obama was an honorary Dark skinned white who resided over 8 years of these crimes against humanity. I’m all goa wall to keep criminals and terrorist out but clearly historically and modrrn day gking by the shear numbers and brutality its obvious who are the biggest threat to America and who the wall needs to keep out.

The irony when modern Europeans speak on a wal to keep terrorist out as if they are not the very description and epitome of the individuals we should keep out this country. When listening to Europeans try to explain why the wall needs to be built you realize slavery, genocide,oppression/white supremacy had created a race who vast majority are schizophrenic, pstychotic and delusional.

Like criminals, terrorist murderers bro you clearly are overlooking the fact that the very people America and the world shall be leary about look like them not me. I seriously do not know how to deal with these folks and their cognitive dissonance is they’re sick its truly sad. Like dude whites did not brong tge world out of darkness you literally put the world in a perpetual state of darkness. Fyi invading, raping, enslaving and committing mass global genocide is the very definition of barbarity and being uncivilized thus their disease is now spread to Indigenous.

They’ve literally infected the whole world with a disease that not even aids comes close to. And until they are dethroned this illness will continue to destroy the world. Even animals be like man these white folks gling to be the death of us all. Sun is life he powers all life on earth. Sun is male earth is female when the sun penetrates earth a child is born simply nature. The state of the world today is a result of an entity who’s conditions goes against nature. This organism understands that to live right one with nature spells extinction for them. Its tge predicament this organism was born into.

So you create a whole system that goes against nature to survive. Any beign wants to live that is nature. Racism is to protect himself as nature wants to make people colored as once again the Sun our father powers all life on earth but 1 organism thus this organism has no choice but to destroy nature and Indigenous at sane time as the key to life for 1 is in tune with nature while the other is the only organism on earth who dispostion puts him at ends with God/Sun.

All Ancients who were Black speak of the times we live in now as when they 1st came about it was clear given this unnatural disposition if ever to get enough numbers would come after the world for Nature putting him in a lose/lose situation. As the only way to survive is to fade to Black facts

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