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The 163 year old act of the Daughter of the Revolution has disqualified the english speaking pale skinned women at home and abroad to play their specific roll in the New World Order, even if they wanted to tell the truth to fix the problems of earth no one will believe them.

1863 = The Moorish nation 12 signs of the zodiac and mathematical scaling from 0-9, Thus without.,

The Magna Charta Emancipation Proclamation Union Society of the myth of pale supremacy definitely could not have been founded in 1863. -MISCEGENATION – blacks law dictionary 4th edition. (definition) – Mixture of races; marriage between persons of different races; as between a white person and a Negro. Living together in a state of adultery or fornication, by white person and Negro, or descendant of Negro, ​miscegenation was coined in 1863 and it is the origin of your marriage license because people pale skinned woman and their branded moors labeled negro needed a license to get married because otherwise it would be illegal.

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