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Publicado el 5/3/2013

...100% and this is a fact. Any time you use the word SLAVE you are thereby acknowledging that this one group of white people were captured; imprisoned; bought; sold and owned and controlled so very frequently by different peoples that their very name eventually became, has become and IS synonymous with what we today know as a SLAVE. So the _word_ "SLAVE" which stems from the word SLAV which originally meant a person of SLAVIC ethnicity originally has now evolved to be THE international word used to describe 'a people held in bondage' or 'a person held in bondage as the chattel property of another.' How interesting that the very people for whom this word originated as a description of their ethnicity are the ones most in denial and most ignorant of the factual history of their own captivity and bondage. The very word SLAVE gives tribute to the WHITE Slavic people due to their excessive experience as being the chattel property of others. A perfect analogy would be that if Ethiopians had a long a legacy of being captured, held, bought and sold then over time the very word "Ethiopian" over time or some bastardization of it would evolve to be synonymous with BONDAGE and CAPTIVITY. THAT is precisely what has occurred due to the frequency of the WHITE Slavic people being in bondage to others. It's interesting that in spite of these truths if you mention the word "slave" the imagery of black people comes to mind rather than the WHITE people from whom that word has it's linguistic roots and origin. Interesting indeed and yet another result of the conspiracy to LIE and DENY when it comes to TRUE history which very few are even interested in. The insecure prefer therapeutic lies over unadulterated TRUTH. Not only is their DENIAL about the absolute FACT that MANY non-black people ARE the descendants of SLAVES their is also a desire to LIE & DENY that many of those same non-blacks (particularly whites) were also enslaved by BLACK people and this is also an undeniable FACT supported by a plethora of independent scholarly research; artifacts; historical texts and literature as well as writings by the slaves describing their captors and owners as BLACK. It's a fact that literally THOUSANDS of ships were boarded, shanghaied and their "white cargo" was taken back to North Africa as slaves. To this day many of the white "North Africans" have their roots in slavery. Funny how many want to act as though former slaves taken to Africa against their will are somehow indigenous. (More LYING & DENYING)

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