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1754 = 1754 United States corporation set up in France by Benjamin Franklin to handle the service contracts for the union.

1772 = The 1772(Really 1721) to the Present sealed United States General Unincorporated Con-Federal Government, according to the Law of Nations, in the Family of Nations, and so written in the Preamble and Articles 1-7 of the Constitution of the United States of America.

“Family of Nations” .. is an aggregate (completion, total or all) of States which as the result of their HISTORICAL ANTECEDENTS ( a time or period before modern day His-Story was fabricated ) have inherited a COMMON ( Law and Law of Nation> Art.1, sec. 8, cls. 10, C.U.S.A.) Civilization, and are at a similar level of moral and political OPINION” ( constitutions, documents and credentials) B.L.D., 7th Ed., p. 621. The sovereign power of the United States in the FAMILY OF NATIONS is vested exclusively in the United States government … “(66 Mont. 76) State ex rel vs. Dixon, Governor, et al (No. 5260) S,Ct.Montana, Feb.10, 1923.

The Family of Nations embodies divine law [> the Fas/Fez] , NeTeRu(s) [> Elohims, Aloha, Titans, etc.], Law of Nations and Common Law; and has been around for modern man prior to immemorial antiquity> out of the minds of men. Today it is part of the Dragon Court.

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