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1585 = The era which resulted in the destruction of the Moorish (Fleet and Fort) in the Gulf of Mexico and the land of “Flowers” known today as Florida , and the Island of “Isabella” known today as Cuba. -1646 – The year of the onward rush of vandalism,- that is the burning Moorish cities and destroying everything else in the category of Moorish culture and design.

The christian educators have taught that those aforementioned events occured in England across the Atlantic Ocean involving the destruction of the Spanish Aramada. Well during that era., the Island of Albine had not been named England. Therefore there could not have been an English nation on that Island, namely: Albine. That island was under the rulership of Moors, not only that Island, but the whole entire chain of land known today as Europe.

1585 = St. Augustine founded the land of Florida. The land of flowers. Sir Francis Drake and St.Augustine defeated the Moors on the Gulf of Mexico in the year 1585. Sir Francis Drake led his fleet from England (Virginia) to Quebec Canada carrying the Hapsburg Banner which originated in Venezeula high seas. The Hapsburg Banner is known as the FLUE-DE-LIS ( Flowers of The Lilies). Sir francis drakae, St.Augustine and St.Paul in U.S. History is one of the same. The Hapsburg Legion was first establish in Venezuela. (Rome). Their Banner was known as the Double Eagle. Double Headed Eagle in Masonry. 1605 = The era which began with Moorish astrologers who predicted the rise and fall of nation, which had its beginning with the Dutch pirate Priests of the Hapsburg legions Iron Cross Society of Brazil, South America.

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