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2 spirits

What Is Two Spirit American Indians * -This is just something to let you know what’s coming up soon, and right now what I’m telling you it’s not up for debate because this is not the actual piece on it that I am writing -Still yet we are going to explore what the elite aka our own people have been hiding from us about American Indian life in the Americas -How many people know that Homosexuality/gay/transgender among American Indians in the Americas was almost considered second nature and an acceptable way of life in the Americas before the Europeans showed up with their Christianity, thus stamping out open Homosexuality in completely in the Americas about 1866 -Yes American Indians in the Americas didn’t call it Homosexuality, they called it two spirits that was born into one body -Did you know that many transgender were leaders of Indian tribes -This and more to come about Homosexuality aka Two Spirit Indians in the Americas soon Description…. Like I said this is still a long story up and coming soon but if you actually go back and do your homework on all the so called female images that the Europeans made in America of so called American Indian females, you will find that they are all transgenders. Now as you can see in this images below of these indigenous Americans Indians, they are nothing but males wearing makeup, dressed as females and feminine looking. Of course most are going cry and whine about the one in the middle having breast but if you ever read the Native American encyclopedia then you’d know that American Indians were doing full body surgery’s for centuries before these Europeans showed up . I will take some questions now but save the hate if you haven’t done the homework on this very documented subject and the evidence will knock your socks off

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