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10000 hours

Have you heard of the 10,000 hour rule? Basically what it states is that if anyone practices anything for 10,000 hours they will become a MASTER of that particular skill.

But is that really so profound?

I can remember my College Decathlon coach telling me a good Discus thrower does 10,000 throws a year. I also remember thinking to myself: “Great, I have 10 events x 10,000 hours to go…impossibl e”

But it is not impossible. It is a CHOICE. And you have already made it. You are just unconscious of what you have mastered. People who are obese; do you think they got that way overnight? No one was born Obese. They worked at it every day for YEARS. Sitting around, watching endless hours of TV and surfing the internet. Making certain pictures of themselves in their mind, talking to themselves in a certain way (ALL UNCONSCIOUS) The outcome of obesity is neither good or bad, it just is. It is PERFECT if you trace it back to the 10,000 hours of behaviors, thoughts and emotions that preceded it. I know that was a pretty harsh example, but its true. Take ANY extreme condition of life: Wealth, Poverty, Good Relationships, Bad Relationships, Health, Sickness, Energy, Tiredness, Enlightenment or Ignorance…. they are ALL preceded by 10,000 + hours of specific THOUGHTS and ACTIONS. All you have to do is look at someone who has done something that you want to master and trace their outcomes back to the original line of thinking (Belief systems) and daily actions. You will find a recipe for the reality they created. And that recipe is just as much what they THOUGHT about in the secrecy of their mind and heart as it was the physical actions they took. Which leaves us to consider a profound truth: Which is more real? The “seed” thought of reality or the “sprouting” of the physical outcome itself? One you can control. The other you can’t. Think about it, Bruce Lee did NOT say one should only “Physically” practice the kick. What if he meant 10,000 Mental Kicks too? Many Olympic Athletes do as much Mental training as they do physical training. It is PROVEN that the mind does not know the difference between what we imagine and what is real. “Real” So you can “wire in” new skills more rapidly if you do the mental training as well. I say DO BOTH. Remember, you already ARE a Master of something. It’s just a question of WHAT. Hopefully it is not a master of playing Victim, Critic or Bystander. You can change it. Decide. Now. Begin your training… Be the Hero.

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