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10 ILLeGAL things you can do and STILL play in the NFL: 1. Murder – Ray Lewis, Donte Stallworth 2. Child Abuse – Adrian Peterson 3. Rape – Ben Roethlisberger, Darrell Russell, Josh McNary 4. Domestic Violence – VERY LONG LIST 5. Lewd Public Sex – Minnesota Vikings sex boat 6. Dogfighting – Michael Vick 7. Drugs – VERY LONG LIST 8. DUI/DWI – VERY LONG LIST 9. Illegal Gun Possession – VERY LONG LIST 10. Theft – Joseph Randle, Mike Vrable, Darren Hambrick 3 things you CAN do to CHEAT the game and STILL play in the NFL: 1. Spy on other teams 2. Alter the equipment 3. Use PEDs (Shawne Merriman was suspended for steroids the season he was selected MVP) ONE LEGAL thing you CANNOT do and STILL play in the NFL: 1. Peacefully exercise your 1st Amendment Rights. Colin Kaepernick Whether you agree with his stance or not, it’s TIME to END the DOUBLE STANDARDS of the LEAGUE. COPY & SHARE

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